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These fun, strength & cardio oriented programs are run on a weekly basis. Classes vary from 30 minutes to one hour in length and are FREE for PVTFC members. Non-Members please sign in at the front desk!


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BODY WORKS. Tune up and get your motor running with this total body program. Body Works concentrates on building muscle strength while toning. This fun, set-to-music program is designed for all fitness levels, ages and sexes. Built-in modifications create an almost personalized training program. Resistance bands, medicine balls and weights let you tailor the program to meet and increase your muscle strength. Members: FREE.


SPIN. This class is for everybody from the beginner looking for a new workout to the avid cyclist interested in building power and getting more diversity into their training program. You determine the intensity of the workout while enjoying the energy of the group dynamic. Members: FREE Non-Member: $8 per class


FITNESS DANCE Our Fitness Dance program fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow routines to help you sculpt your body while burning fat. This three-zone fat burning routine targets your lower body, abs, core and upper body. With red-hot Latin rhythms, this total body transformation is fun, easy to learn and addictive. Fitness Dance is the perfect program if you’re looking for a fast-paced, high calorie burn that keeps you dancing! Members: FREE Non-Members: $8 per class


BODYWORKS EXPRESS. This half hour class is for you if you are looking for a well structured, easily modified routine focusing on building core as well as upper and lower body strength. A great add-on to Saturday morning spin! Members: FREE Non-Members: $8 per class


PSYCYCLE COMBO. This class is a combination of spinning and strength alternating 6 minutes on the bike with 6 minutes of strength training. Get the best of both worlds. Great for all fitness levels. Members FREE.


FITNESS YOGA 101. Yoga is the practice of combining dynamic postures which help to develop balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. This low impact exercise regimen encourages overall health, energy, and vitality. You’ll finish each class feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Members FREE.


CARDIO/STRENGTH. This combination class combines various equipment and circuits to for an invigorating total body workout. Members FREE.


CYCLE N’CORE. This class will take you through 30 minutes of intervals of hills and speed followed by getting of the bike for 15 minutes of core work. All levels welcome! Members FREE.


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Fitness Calendar