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One of the most difficult aspects of fitness can be finding what works for YOU, in a way that fits into your capabilities and lifestyle. We understand, and at PVTFC our staff, tennis pros and personal trainers are committed to your health and fitness, and are here to challenge you while keeping you engaged and motivated. With all of our tennis, pickleball and fitness options, you will love the sense of community and excitement allowed to you as you have the chance to try out our various programs and classes.


Our place is your place…
PLEASANT escape from the challenges of daily life!


From the health benefits to the social side, there are plenty of reasons for joining a tennis and fitness club, like Pleasant Valley Tennis and Fitness.. If you have been wondering if there are any indoor tennis courts near me, you are already on your way to joining a great club and enjoying all the benefits your membership brings.


Social Interaction

Whether you are a stay at home parent, avid fitness enthusiast or someone caught up in the daily 9-5 grind, social interaction is an essential part of staying happy and healthy.  Making and maintaining friends is important, and there is nothing better than gathering together and engaging in a fun and competitive game of tennis or pickleball, or going together to an uplifting spin class.  Share that feeling of the accomplishment from a good sweat session with the people in your world, or come make new friends and join in their fun!


Improved Health

With obesity related health complications continuing to rise, you can take control of your overall health and well-being by joining PVTFC.  Working out on a regular basis strengthens the heart, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, and promotes a better mood and improved sleep.


Reduced Stress

Stress is known as the silent killer because it has detrimental effects on nearly every cell of your body. Just as exercise lifts your mood, so too does it reduce your stress levels. As you burn off all that extra cortisol and adrenaline, products of stress, your body’s flight or fight mechanism is dialed back and turned off for awhile. Whether you want to take your frustrations of the day out on the tennis court or in a dance class, fitness centers are a great form of therapy.


Something for Everyone

At a tennis and fitness club, there is a little something for everyone. Whether you want to dance the pounds away, improve your core strength, play a few rounds of tennis, pickleball, lift some weights or boost your flexibility, there is a class that will suit everyone.