Fitness Club 




The Fitness facility houses an impressive array of cardio and strength training equipment. Our circuit machines provide Total Body Training, designed to move your body as you would use it in everyday life. Plus, we have ADA compliant machines for those who are physically challenged but recognize the value in a strong body and mind. In addition to treadmills, incline trainers, elliptical machines and stationary bikes, the facility has a free weight area for those interested in muscle building and toning. A special area for comfortable stretching and floor exercises creates a more private atmosphere for individual routines.





Group Fitness Classes

Sometimes we all need the motivation of a group to keep us going.  Our group fitness studio offers classes for all interests, such as indoor cycling, fitness dance and yoga.  There is something for everyone!


Personal Training or On Demand Classes

If you want more personalized guidance, this is a great way to get some training.  Either by yourself or with a group of friends, we can get you set up with a structure and time that works for you!


Equipment List


4 Precor Treadmills with Personal Viewing Screens
4 Precor Elliptical Trainers with Personal Viewing Screens
2Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer With Person Viewing Screens
2 FreeMotion Incline Trainer with Personal Viewing Screens
2 FreeMotion Strider with Personal Viewing Screens
2 True Recumbent Bikes
2 True Upright Bikes
10 FreeMotion S11.9 Indoor Cycling Bikes with RPM Computers
Circuit Training Pieces:
FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross
FreeMotion Chest
FreeMotion Shoulder
FreeMotion Tricep
FreeMotion Bicep
FreeMotion Abdominal
FreeMotion Lat
FreeMotion Functional Lift
FreeMotion Squat
FreeMotion Epic Leg Extension
FreeMotion Epic Prone Leg Curl
Precor Glide Functional Trainer
Precor Assisted Chin/Dip Machine

2 Precor Olympic Bench Press
Precor Olympic Incline Bench Press
Precor Angled Leg Press Plate Load
Precor Seated Calf Raise
Precor Squat Rack
FreeMotion Ab/Dip/Chin Machine
TAG Full Power Cage
TAG Smith Machine
TAG Flat Bench
TAG Preacher Curl Bench
TAG Adjustable AB/Crunch Bench
TAG 45 Degree Hyper Extension
Troy 5 lbs – 100 lbs Dumbbells pairs
Troy 20 lbs – 110 lbs Barbells
450 lbs of Troy Plates at each station
Kettle Bells from 5 lbs – 40 lbs


Battle Ropes



Slam Balls

Bosu Trainers

And more!