Tennis Aerobics

If I can do it, you can do it.
I needed a change of pace in my fitness routine….No need to know how to play! You can borrow a racquet from the front desk.

TENNIS AEROBICS ~ Tues 10:00 am/Thurs 10:00 am/Sat 7:00 am. Give tennis a try! A fun, fast paced workout to music. Open to all ability levels. Full Members: $8 per class, Non-Members: $10 per class (Full Members are Tennis & Fitness)
TENNIS AEROBICS & PLAY ~ Fridays 8:00 am. This drill starts with 45 minutes of fast paced, pro fed drills done to music then followed by 45 minutes of competitive drills lead by our professionals. This drill builds on the foundations of Tennis Aerobics but adds a fun twist of more time for competitive drills. $15 per drill for Members, $18 per drill for Non-Members

At Pleasant Valley Tennis and Fitness Our Unlimited Foundation Classes Are INCLUDED With All Fitness Memberships!
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Laura Holmes
Fitness Manager
Jackson WI
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