Jean Sundblad is the manager of PVTFC, and a prime example of “it’s never too late to try the sport of tennis.”  At the age of 35, she took her first lesson through the Jackson Park and Rec Dept.  The instructor happened to be Shirley Becker, the manager of PVTC at that time.  As the fall season started, there were times that Shirley needed a sub in a beginner league and she called upon Jean to try the club out.  The tennis bug bit Jean and she soon joined the Club and started weekly lessons and leagues.  Living very close to the Club, Jean was called to sub, sometimes playing as much as 4-5 times per week.  Shirley offered Jean a job at the front desk and bartending which eventually led to a full time position and ultimately the manager of the club as it grew.  She understands the apprehensions that a new member may have and does everything in her power to get them involved.

Jean and her husband Rod have three children and six grandchildren.   Other than tennis her interests are spending time with her family, antiquing, and relaxing up north (as if that ever happens!).