If you are looking for a fitness club that is guaranteed to meet all your needs, you should log on to pvtfc.com. This is the website of the Pleasant Valley Tennis and Fitness Club located near West Bend, WI. At Pleasant Valley, we have excellent training facilities for tennis aficionados. We train aspiring tennis professionals and we have great programs for amateur players. Tennis training is not the only thing do here. We also have excellent programs for people who want to lose weight, stay in great shape or just workout regularly. Below are some of the services we offer.

Programs for Tennis Players

For tennis players, we offer junior lessons and adult lessons. It does not matter if you are just starting out in tennis or if you have experience already. We can help you get better if you are a good tennis player. We can also teach you the basics if you are just starting out in tennis. In addition, we will guide you every step of the way. We have excellent facilities and great coaches to make the learning process a pleasure.

Non-member Options

In case you do not join our club near West Bend, WI, we can still work with you because we have great non-member options. We can give you private lessons and we will work with your schedule so that the lessons are convenient for you. In case you want to take things a bit further, we know all about state leagues and tournaments. You can rely on us to give you current information and enroll you in tournaments that will aid your development as a tennis player.

Fitness Programs

The Pleasant Valley Tennis and Fitness Club is the right destination for people who want to keep fit, workout or meet other training needs. Below are some things you can expect from this club.

  • Foundation Training
    If you are a beginner, we have the perfect program for you. We will work with you and build up your stamina and fitness levels until you hit your fitness target. We know that fitness training is a marathon and not a sprint. This is why we take things nice and slow with beginners.
  • Weight Loss Program
    Our weight loss program is designed to help you get rid of those unwanted fat deposits. We keep records here and we always work towards a target weight each client. At the end of the weight loss program, you will notice great changes. The best part is that we have an “after the program follow up training”. This ensures that you remain fit and trim for life.

Other Programs for You

Other programs for you are personal training and specialty classes. We have a flexible approach here because we recognize that different people have different fitness needs. This is why we tailor our programs to match your needs and your circumstances.

Final Word

Maybe you have asked this question in the past: “where can I find fitness clubs near me”. Now, you have the answer right here. Get in touch with us today and try our club near West Bend, WI.

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