Taking tennis lessons near Germantown, WI is not only good fun for the whole family, but it can also be good for you too. From health benefits to long term perks that have nothing to do with athletics, here are 5 ways that taking tennis lessons can change your life…

It is the perfect cardio workout. Your heart will thank you…

Whether you work all day in a cubicle or spend the afternoon standing behind a cash register, chances are that your job has you a lot less active than when you were younger. As you probably already know, inactivity can increase your risks of developing heart disease later in life, the number one leading cause of death in the US.

Tennis is a fun way to get your heart pumping and help to keep your heart healthy for life. In fact, a 20 year study conducted by Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger, reveled that those who participate in moderately vigorous games of tennis for at least 3 hours a week reduced the risk of dying from any health related disease by a whopping 50%. Our tennis club near Germantown, WI is the perfect place to learn!

Tennis is scientifically proven to improve brain health, so your noggin will thank you too.

Tennis is just as much mental as it is physical and taking tennis lessons can help you to improve not only your tennis game buy your strategic game. Each match of tennis demands the use of many mental faculties that are typically lying dormant in day to day life. According to a recent study coming out of the University of Illinois, it was discovered that the mental exercise that you get during a match of tennis is so stimulating that it can generate the development of new neural connections inside of your brain. These new connections help to keep your brain active and healthy. New connections are also linked to improved memory, cognitive function and decreases in the risk of brain related conditions.

Tennis lessons give you an advantage over your competition.

Tennis lessons from PVTFC near Germantown, WI can help to establish a good foundation of skills that you can carry with you a lifetime. Whether you are an ace or an amateur, your technique can always stand to improve, helping you to snag that trophy… or just take home the bragging rights from that neighborhood tennis match.

Your overall coordination will improve.

The challenging nature of tennis can serve as metaphors for life, translating into the real world. Sticking with the game even when the odds are against you, committing to getting better not bitter and cheering on your opponent when you are on the losing side… each of these qualities can help to build character and help you to lead a happier, healthier and fuller life.
Tennis lessons are a simple, fun and affordable way to improve your health while also upping your game on and off the court. Pleasant Valley Tennis and Fitness Club and our certified instructors would love to help you get well on your way to changing your life… with nothing more than a racket and a ball.

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