Four Steps to Better Tennis

Four Steps to Better Tennis    By Gene Johnston (U.S.P.T.A Certified Professional)

No matter what level of tennis player you are, you’ll improve your game and have more fun if you take these 4-steps to better tennis.

  1. Pick a pro

Personalized instruction is the key to success in a high skill-level game such as tennis.  If you are a beginner, instruction is the best way to master tennis fundamentals; if you are an advanced tennis player, instruction can help you perfect fine points of your game, but be certain of the qualifications and credentials of your instructor. “Professional Pride” is the motto of the United States Professional Tennis Association, the organization which certifies tennis teaching professionals. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced players all benefit from professional instruction.

  1. Practice…

Along with instruction, practice is required to reinforce newly acquired skills.   Developing your tennis game means developing good practice habits and sticking to them.  Thousands of tennis balls must be hit, many hours must be spent on the court before confidence and a high level of skill is attained.  Practice time is valuable – ask your pro for practice tips and to arrange good practice partners for you.  Practice as you play and play as you practice.

   3.  Have your play rated

                 Have your play rated by your pro. Your professional instructor knows your game and can quickly tell you if you if you are playing up to your capabilities.  Your pro will be able to point out areas that need more concentration.  Having your play rated helps all tennis players enjoy the game by providing a method of classifying your skill level for more compatible matches, group lessons, league play, tournaments, or other programs.  There is no substitute for on-court performance, evaluated by a professional instructor, as a measure of playing ability. This rating system chart may serve as a guideline for you.

  1. Set New Goals

                 Setting new goals will keep your incentive and enthusiasm for tennis high.  It will give practice hours more direction and meaning.  Check with your pro to pinpoint new goals to work towards to improve your tennis game.  Then go about achieving those new goals with a sound, systematic plan and approach.