New Video featuring PVTFC’s Fitness Programs…

Pleasant Valley Tennis & Fitness Club… located in Jackson Wisconsin.

 TODAY’S FEATURE: Foundation Fitness Classes…

These fun, strength & cardio oriented programs are run on a weekly basis.
Classes vary from 30 minutes to one hour in length…
Members: FREE.
Non-Members: $8.

Program #1: BODY WORKS.

Tune up and get your motor running with this total body program.
Body Works concentrates on building muscle strength while toning.
This fun, set-to-music program is designed for all fitness levels, ages and sexes.

Program #2: SPIN.

This class is for everybody from the beginner looking for a new workout,
to the avid cyclist interested in monitoring power…
and than download workouts into the “Training Peaks” program.
You determine the intensity of the workout while enjoying the energy of the group dynamic.

Program #3: FITNESS DANCE.

Our Fitness Dance program fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow routines to help you sculpt your body while burning fat. This three-zone fat burning routine targets your lower body, abs, core and upper body.
With red-hot Latin rhythms, this total body transformation is fun, easy to learn and addictive.
Fitness Dance is the perfect program if you’re looking for a fast-paced, high calorie burn that keeps you dancing!

Program #4: POWER FIT.

Have you been doing strength focused classes for a while now and need to spice up your routine?
This class is perfect for the fit individual looking for a challenging workout using a combination of strength and cardio. Modifications make this class appropriate for anyone.

Program #5: STRONG.

If you are looking for a well structured, easily modified routine focusing on building core… as well as upper and lower body strength, then this is the class for you.

Program #6: MAT PILATES.

Don’t ignore your core. Discover how to build core strength,
improve flexibility and enhance sports performance. Great for all fitness levels.At Pleasant Valley, we’re committed to your health and fitness.

Our people love the challenge of keeping you challenged!

We have tennis and fitness programs for all ages to stimulate and move you.

Call us today to schedule a tour of our beautiful facility and feel the energy of our atmosphere.

You can reach us at 262-677-3681 Or find us on the web at: